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Would you express yourself better if you didn’t get emotional?

Do your emotions make your life – and your relationships – harder?

Welcome to Stuff Talks

I help ambitious women transform their emotions into their strongest allies (yes, really!) through my emotion mindset program.

Do you want to feel good about yourself, stay true to who you really are AND build strong, trustworthy relationships WITHOUT emotions getting in the way?


Ambitious woman with a purpose, meet your emotions mindset coach…

Hi, I’m Charlotte, founder of Stuff Talks. My purpose is to show you how you can use your emotions to become really good at communicating and really good at building strong dependable relationships all the while staying true to yourself.

Being able to communicate really well AND staying true to yourself will change your life – just like it changed mine. You’ll be able to do all the things you want to do. You won’t hold yourself back. You will let the world see who you really are AND you will feel good about it.

I see this transformation in my clients and I want this for all the committed, purpose-driven and ambitious women in the world.

Let me help you take on your emotions, as scary and unpleasant as they may seem, so that you can become the best version of yourself. Showing up as your best self will help you on your mission to make the world a better place.

I’m a coach with a foot in the business world

Unlike most coaches, I have a foot in the business world. I have two companies. One you’re looking at, my heart and passion project, Stuff Talks.
My other business is in the world of commodity trading. In the past decade (and still today), I’ve been speaking in front of audiences up to a 1,000 people large. I’ve been traveling the world meeting a range of people from farmers, government officials, bankers, traders and CEOs – almost exclusively men.

In the last decade, I’ve learned to use my emotions to keep me safe, to build trusting relationships and to help me navigate the cut throat, high adrenaline world of commodity trading in a way that allows me to stay true to my values.

Your emotions are a powerful tool. They will change your life for the better once you know how to use them. Let me show you how.

I’m a HUGE animal lover

Horses brought me on the path that led me to create stuff Talks.

A few years ago, I went to train under Monty Roberts, a famous “horse whisperer” based in California, USA. What I learned there about communication blew my mind.

I discovered the importance that our emotions play both in how (and what) we communicate with ourselves and how (and what) we communicate with others. I’ve been applying these tools in my businesses, in my life and in my coaching. 

I regularly run in-person workshops with my horses on our ranch in Gurgaon, India. 

Why ambitious women?

Because you’re going to change the world. You are working hard, putting everything you have into making your life and the life of those around you better. You want this for the world at large. You’re the one who’s going to change the world. I want to help you on that mission.



I had never tried coaching before. My mindset used to be that I could figure it out by myself, that I’m a strong enough person. I thought I could do it all myself. But then, I realised that I wasn’t giving myself the best chances for success. The program has really helped me transform my ambition and drive.


Investment banking, Singapore


Working with you has helped me see how boundaries can help me manage my tendency to put other people’s needs before mine. I learned how boundaries could help to manage that tendency. I also realised that I was being passive in some areas of my life – something that goes against my values. Now, I’m more empowered to take the responsibility for how my life works out. That’s been very useful.


Agribusiness expert, Australia


Today, I feel stronger. I know that I am not a helpless little creature and that I already have in me what it takes to handle any situation that comes my way. I realised this during one of our sessions, and it changed everything. This completely changed the way I looked at myself.


Consultant & Coach, France


During the program, I really learned to understand what my needs are and how to communicate them. I realised that this helped me get closer to people and create intimacy whereas before I used to think it was “needy.” My relationships have improved because I was able to have difficult conversations that I was avoiding. I am also better aware of when I don’t communicate enough. I am more conscious of my patterns and more kind to myself.


Architect, London


I closed down Stuff Talks

I closed down Stuff Talks

Monday was an emotional day for me. I officially closed down Stuff Talks, the company I had opened...