Hi guys,

I’m Charlotte.
I’m an emotions mindset coach.

Yep, I invented that term – it describes perfectly what I do but also what I’ve been through.

How did you get here?

Back in 2019, I was struggling with a stress related hormonal issue called PCOS. My face was covered with cystic acne. I was confused and subject to emotional outbursts I couldn’t control.

On paper, everything seemed fine. I didn’t understand why this was happening.

What did you try to solve your emotional issues?

I discovered that many other women I considered successful were experiencing the same issue. We’d all tried a bunch of things, like going to therapy, doing yoga, reading self help books. It all worked, but only for a short while. At some point, I even believed that there weren’t any solutions. I figured that I needed to learn to live with my emotions, as messy as they were.

But my stubbornness got the better of me. I wanted to feel emotionally balanced. I wanted to feel serene. Not knowing where else to look, I started paying closer attention to my emotions. I researched emotions, how they work and what impact they have on our body and mind. Eventually, I learned how to use my emotions. A whole new world opened up to me. This was a game changer.


You say that emotions are great – why is that?

Emotions often feel unpleasant and at times destructive. Evolutionary speaking, however, emotions exist to help you feel good and feel safe – two prerequisites for you to be at your best. Emotions help you navigate the world around you. They are like a super computer that holds information that your conscious mind hasn’t had time to process. Once you know how to use emotions you gain access to very valuable information that helps you act and make decisions in line with your values.

Today, I run two successful businesses (Stuff Talks being one of them!) and I have a ranch with over 20 adopted animals. I rely on my emotions to make decisions that are aligned with my values, to build honest dependable relationships and to feel at my best. Being the best version of myself is not only a need, it’s a duty I have towards all those who depend on me. And I know you understand exactly what I mean.

How is your approach different?

First, my aim is to empower you. By the time you leave my coaching program, I want you to know exactly what is going on and how you can deal with it yourself. Emotions will have no secrets for you. I want you to be in control. I know you want that too.

Second, I give you a practical tool kit that is tried and tested in REAL LIFE. I am a coach with a foot in the business world. Every day, on top of coaching wonderful, ambitious women, I deal in the high adrenaline, hyper masculine world of commodity trading. Every day, I use what I know about emotions to run my two businesses and my animal farm, to deal with my staff, my clients and of course in my relationship with my husband. I use what I know – the same stuff that I’ll teach you – to show up as my best and perform in all the areas of life that matter to me.

That’s something I want for you too.

How can you help me get on top of my emotions?

I want to show you how emotions work. I want to show you, using practical steps, how you can use them. Once you know how to use your emotions, instead of being overwhelmed, you will be able to communicate effectively even in emotionally charged situations.

I do this through my “Learn to use your emotions” coaching program.