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Managing emotions when you work from home: the biggest mistakes (part 2/3)

by | Sep 22, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

There are some amazing advantages when working remotely but these may not come as easily as it looks on the outside. 

Working from home will often exacerbate a lot of the emotions that we experience in the office, such as stress and anxiety. We experience a lot of guilt when we feel like we work too hard or not enough. Our imposter syndrome can take on new proportions. It also cuts off a lot of the emotional connection we usually rely on when building and navigating corporate relationships. 

To share some best practices to make the most of working remotely and help you manage your emotions better, I interviewed my ex-boss, Patricia Manso. Patricia is the head of agriculture and metals analytics at S&P Global Platts. She lives in Switzerland, where she works from home and manages a team with people from 11 different nationalities living in seven different countries. She started working remotely years before the pandemic, including managing team members in far off countries. She was also my boss for several years when I lived in India. So I can testify first-hand of her skills at managing remotely. 

This is Part 2. You can watch Part 1 Work from home: A reality check here

In Part 2, Patricia talks about:

-how she initially felt she needed to make herself constantly available 

-how she put too much pressure on herself (and almost burnt out)

-how she learned to shift her focus as a manager and empower her team 

-the importance of building trust

In the next and final episode, Patricia will share her tips to grow in your career even when you work from home.

Are you working from home and struggling to find your place? Do you feel emotions get in the way and are holding you back? 

Learning to use emotions can change your life for the better. That’s what I specialise in. I help ambitious women turn emotions into their strongest allies. 

Want to chat about it? You can book a discovery session (free).

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