Do you feel that your ambition is costing you more than you’d like?

Are you looking for ways to succeed at work while still feeling aligned with yourself and your values?

The Stuff Talks Ambitious Woman Summit

Unconventional tools for the ambitious woman who doesn’t want to sacrifice on the stuff that matters

At Stuff Talks, we believe that ambition, wellbeing, growth and caring all go hand in hand. In fact, we are deeply convinced that, combined, these will take you much further than ambition alone.

If you’re here, we’re ready to bet that you believe that too.


Ambitious woman with a purpose…

You’re working hard, very hard. You have great work ethics. You like to excel at what you do. You want to go far.

But sometimes, you wonder, what’s the point? You wonder whether your ambition, as you’ve learned to apply it, is costing you too much?

You wonder whether it is possible for you to continue being ambitious but still be true to your values, to who you are and not have to compromise on things that matter like your health, your kids, and all the other wonderful stuff you care about.

There’s another way…

“Ambition” is a neutral term.

It can be destructive in the wrong hands (the wrong mindset!) or it can be regenerative, sustainable and beautiful with the right mindset.

The Stuff Talks Ambitious Woman Summit

The Ambitious Woman Summit is designed to help all of us think outside of the box, acquire unconventional tools so that we can reach this unconventional goal: ambition and well being, growth and caring all at the same time.

During one week, every day you’ll get to meet an amazing woman and expert in her own field who will share with you tips, insights, mindset hacks and other tools that can help you on that journey.

That’s seven amazing women over seven days, with a live call with all the speakers and attendees on the last day.

The Programme

Day 1 – January 10, 2022
“Lessons learned from working in a man’s world”
Frieda Levycky, founder, Braving Boundaries

Day 2 – January 11, 2022
“Why imposter syndrome is your friend”
Marie Dancer, founder AuthentiCareer

Day 3 – January 12, 2022
“Ambitions & Alignment: Practical tools from astrology to succeed without compromising on who you are”
Dana Kingsman, founder Your Journey Today

Day 4 – January 13, 2022
“Limiting beliefs & Inner child: How your past affects your present and what you can do about it”
Sarita Dankani, founder Beautiful Reflections

Day 5 – January 14, 2022
“My corporate job: Should I stay or should I leave?”
Beth Schneiter, founder Wildflower Transformation Coaching

Day 6 – January 15, 2022
“An alternative to therapy: tools for your well being from music therapy”
Celine Burlot, founder Musique & Lumière

Day 7 – January 16, 2022
“Ambition & Emotions: Can they work together?”
Charlotte Kingsman, founder Stuff Talks

Day 7 – January 16, 2022
Live with all speakers – Time TBC

The Speakers

Frieda Levycky, founder Braving Boundaries

Frieda is an ICF-accredited coach specialising in Whole Person Coaching and Enneagram Coaching. She is also a practising English lawyer and has been for nearly 20 years.

As a coach, she focuses on helping people create real balance in their lives so they can shift from feeling lost, stuck and overwhelmed to leading a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life, both professionally and personally. Despite having a very successful international career, Frieda knows what it’s like to lose your way in life. To lose yourself. To wake up one morning and wonder: “What the heck am I doing? How did I get here?”. She also knows the courage it takes to step back and look at your life and consciously decide that things have to change, even if you don’t quite know the direction in which you want to go. It’s for this reason that Frieda became a coach – to help others brave their own boundaries.

When not working, you’ll find Frieda bending her way through a yoga class or trail running in the mountains, escorted by her three rescue dogs, Dudley, Roscoe and Charlie.

About Braving Boundaries

Braving Boundaries is a coaching and training business which offers a range of services to both individuals and corporates. Services include: 1-to-1 coaching, Enneagram coaching (for individuals and teams), team coaching and corporate workshops.

Our mission is: (i) to help individuals shift from being lost, stuck and overwhelmed to a life with direction, purpose, good health and a large dose of fun and happiness; and (ii) to help corporates adopt more sustainable and healthy working practices through better communication, collaboration, awareness and respect.



Beth Schneiter, founder Wildflower Transformation Coaching

Beth, owner of Wildflower Transformation Coaching, is a certified Transformation Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner working with ambitious women, who know deep down that something is missing in their life. She gently guides and empowers women to let go of the past, reclaim their power, and start living a life that sets their souls on fire.

With a history of working in banking and finance at one of the largest global trading companies, she knows a thing or two about the highs and lows of working in corporate. She has experienced how easily we can give our power away without even realising it until we start to feel completely lost and empty inside.

About Wildflower Transformational Coaching

“I personally reached rock bottom in my early 30s finding myself burnt out and really believing I was broken. I had followed all the “should dos” in life and was outwardly what you would consider successful but inside I felt anything but.

However, this was actually the biggest turning point for me. It forced me to go inwards to heal from all the ways I had given myself and my power away throughout my life. Even more, it led me on a path to finding what I was meant to be doing in the world and having the courage to follow it. I am therefore really passionate about helping women like you reclaim their self-worth, reclaim their voice, reclaim their dreams and start living the life you deserve…

We reclaim all of this not only for ourselves, but for our families, our communities and for every life we touch, you have the power to be part of a ripple effect of change, you are needed now more than ever.”


Celine Burlot, founder Musique et Lumiere

Celine is a music therapist trained at the International Center for Musictherapy in Paris, and a musician – flutist and singer. She also has a business degree. Before working as a music therapist, she was working as a buyer in a consultancy and in a French institution. After 10 years of working in the corporate field and seeing how emotions are repressed, when, in fact, their integration could have proved to be an asset in many situations, she decided to change careers and use her own musician sensitivity to help people to accept and to use their emotions as a personal guide in every field of their life.

About Musique et Lumiere

“Musique et Lumière LLP is a company offering music therapy services that I created when I moved to India one year ago. I use music in many different ways to help people become conscious of the role their emotions play in their life. I believe that throughout our life, we are encouraged to hide our emotions and that these hidden emotions can still be painful and continue to affect our adult lives. Understanding our patterns and turning emotions into a strength is the key to a lighter and more conscious life. Music is a powerful tool that connects directly with emotions. I use music to help people identify and express themselves. I work mainly with women, in individual sessions or in group sessions.”

Dana Kingsman, founder Your Journey Today

Dana is an astrologer, who believes in practical solutions for any situation.

She believe that we are blessed to live in a time of deeper understanding of our emotions and where our mental health means much more than just trying to fit in our society’s strict demands.

If we are born in a certain way it is important to maintain that authenticity. It is like a complex ecosystem: we don’t always know how it works but everything keeps playing its part.


About Your Journey Today

“My aim is to help people remind themselves of who they really are and to accept being different from others’ expectations.

I strongly believe that we all have our different ways to function in all aspects of life and the sooner we embrace who we are the sooner we will start to capitalise on our truly limitless potential.”


Charlotte Kingsman, founder Stuff Talks

Charlotte is an emotions mindset coach who uses a unique combination of coaching methods with non-violent communication tools learned through natural horsemanship and social anthropology.

She has led workshops for companies like Uber and UN Women, as well as many one-on-one coaching sessions both online and at her centre in Gurgaon, India.

About Stuff Talks

Stuff Talks is an organisation that offers coaching on emotions and communication. We do this in several ways, including corporate workshops, online training and workshops at our farm in Gurgaon using horses.

Our belief is that we need to learn to integrate emotions in our communication, instead of fighting emotions off. Emotions that are being repressed tend to hijack clear, compassionate and effective communication, which is what we’re aiming for.


Dr Sarita Dhankani, founder Beautiful Reflections

Dr Sarita is a holistic healer and an emotional wellbeing coach. She founded Beautiful Reflections which is based in Gurgaon, India.

With over 8 years of experience in the field of holistic healing, she passionately works with people to help them deal with the root cause of their issues through various holistic healing modalities, healing retreats, spiritual guidance and psychological counselling.

She believes that life is an exploratory journey and that all of us are seeking happiness and love in different forms. Her purpose is to use her knowledge, intuition and empathy to turn this world into a safe, lovable and happy space.

About Beautiful Reflections

Beautiful Reflections was started with a purpose to help people be more aware about themselves and release their emotional blocks through various natural healing techniques.

We assess different aspects of Mind, Body and Soul as a first step and subsequently create a customised solution plan. These solutions are advised as a combination of various modalities or any standalone service according to their concern.

In addition to all these, we combine healing and travel and curate personalised healing retreats in nature, especially for women. Our aim is to provide a safe and a non-judgemental space for healing, spiritual growth and emotional & physical wellbeing.


Marie Dancer, founder AuthentiCareer

Marie is a passionate leadership coach supporting managers and high achievers in their careers. She has a strong focus on supporting women to bring their “Whole Self” at work and have more fun, meaning and purpose throughout their careers.

For the past 6 years, she has been working (in French and English) with more than 60 managers and + 150 corporate executives across the world from different industries, with different cultural backgrounds to develop the key skills of being an effective & inspiring manager

Life is not only about work yet it takes up so much of our time. Let’s make our jobs worth it and an integral part of our growth journey.

About AuthentiCareers

Marie coaches managers and corporate executives to develop their 4 Magic C’s® :

– Clarity of who they are, their aspirations and a vision
– Self Confidence to tackle the ‘Worry brain box” and confidence to develop a solution oriented mindset
– Connection to their needs and people to create a space of trust and collaboration
– Courage to bring their whole self at work, take action, speak up with a constructive intent and a mutually beneficial outcome in mind.


“When we are properly supported we become the best version of ourselves.”

About the Summit

How does the summit work?

This online summit offers a new format specifically designed for the busy woman with a packed schedule. The aim is to bring you much-needed knowledge and awareness in a lean format that makes sense in your schedule.

The format is a series of pre-recorded 15-20min videos / presentations sent every day during the week of January 10-16, 2022. You will be able to view the videos when it suits you.

There will be a live video call with the speakers and attendees on Sunday 16 January chaired by Charlotte of Stuff Talks. This will be the only live session and the occasion for attendees to ask their questions.

Where does the summit take place?

The summit is entirely online. The pre-recorded videos will be emailed to attendees and viewed via the Stuff Talks website. The final live call will be held on Zoom.

The aims of the summit are to:

Create a new, inclusive understanding of what an “ambitious woman” is
Normalise women getting help and support
Create a new community of like minded women
Celebrate ​women ​as ​individuals, ​team ​mates, colleagues ​and ​entrepreneurs
Empower ​women ​to ​be ​successful and ​bold
Encourage ​women ​to ​grow ​into ​their ​true ​and ​full ​potential
Help ​women ​overcome ​struggles ​and ​fears ​
Promote ​a ​healthy ​balance ​for ​their ​business ​and ​personal ​life
Learn ​and ​grow ​together ​in ​a ​fun ​and ​friendly ​environment ​

Who is the ambitious woman?

The ambitious woman is any woman who identifies as driven, who wants to achieve whatever goals she sets for herself, whether this is at home or in the workplace.

Stuff Talk’s ambitious woman is inclusive and believes her success needs not come at the expense of someone else’s. Read more about Stuff Talk’s ambitious woman here.

The challenge

Women today are more ambitious than ever. More women are achieving prominence in fields previously male-dominated. However, this transformation has come with its own set of challenges. Many women find it difficult to grow in the corporate world in a way that feels authentic, instead of replicating traditional patriarchal models of behaviour.

Driven women can be their own worst enemy, with imposter syndrome and harsh self criticism holding them back. Ambitious women often feel isolated, having been taught they should only rely on themselves and striving for what is, sometimes, extreme independence.

These are just some of the challenges faced by today’s ambitious women. I’m sure you can think of more!

About the organiser

Stuff Talks is a coaching organisation that focuses on helping ambitious women get on top of their emotions so they can thrive both at work and at home. Stuff Talks coaching programs are conducted both online and in-person at the founder’s ranch in Gurgaon, India.

Ambition, as seen by Stuff Talks’ founder Charlotte

Growing up, I thought that “ambition,” and especially “ambitious,” were dirty words.
The first thing that would come to my mind was that: “ambitious” = will do anything for lots of money/power.


I associated the term ambitious with working really hard, being rigid, inflexible, overly focused on a goal at the detriment of others and even of one’s own well being. For me, to be ambitious meant to put all your eggs into the same basket, run across town with the basket in tow and crush everything in your way, including other people’s eggs and baskets.

Just google the word, and the example that comes up is “ruthlessly ambitious.”

For me, being ambitious was a naturally masculine trait and very unattractive in women. I had this vision of ambitious women wearing uncomfortably tight black suits, pearl earrings and never smiling. I saw ambition as something fundamentally destructive from both within and without.

But today, I know that ambition, with the right mindset, is a very beautiful thing. The way I see it today, ambition is about putting some eggs in your basket, offering to carry other people’s eggs along the way, leaving some eggs to flourish into hens who will then lay more eggs. Ambition is strolling around town with my egg basket, having a chat with fellow town people, handing out eggs along the way and accepting eggs too. At the end of the line, ambition is having reached where you wanted to reach, with a basket full of eggs, a town full of chicks and hens and town people with plenty of eggs too.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”