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My secret recipe?

Everything I do and teach is based on scientific, down-to-earth and practical steps. There’s no magic,

In today’s world, everyone knows the importance of boundaries and good communications. When you feel good, boundaries and communication feel easy. But when your emotions kick in, it’s much more complicated.

I’m going to teach you how to use emotions so that you can feel good about yourself, stay true to who you really are AND build strong, trustworthy relationships WITHOUT emotions getting in the way.

There’s no magic here. Just a practical, concrete and down to earth methodology that has been tried and tested in real life.

Step 1

How emotions work & what’s their purpose

You’ll never get on top of your emotions unless you first understand how they work and what they’re here for. This is where we start.

Step 2

Uncover your needs

Emotions exist to protect your needs and help you meet them. The catch? Most of us don’t really know what our needs are because we’ve been so focused on other people’s needs. We’re going to change this. It’s time for you to know your needs.

Step 3

Inner dialogue

You’re talking to yourself – in your head – all day long. You’re ambitious and driven so you’re probably pretty tough on yourself too! That’s what got you to where you are today but that’s also what’s holding you back. Your inner dialogue is the cornerstone of your relationship with yourself, and therefore to your well being. It’s time to get on top of it!

Step 4

Tools to process emotions

By now, you understand how emotions work and what they’re here for. You’re aware of your needs and you’ve started transforming your inner dialogue in a positive way. You’re ready to get the tools you need to process your emotions. When you process emotions – instead of just repressing or expressing them – you use them.

Step 5

Uncovering your values

Your values tell you how you want to navigate your life. Emotions crop up when someone (even sometimes yourself) falls short of your values. The aim here is to get you clear on what really matters for you.

Step 6

Acting in alignment

When you act in alignment with your values and your needs, it feels good. When you don’t, it feels terrible. Here, you learn how to use your emotions to help you act in alignment with your values.

Step 7

Boundaries that work

Boundaries exist to make you feel safe and connected with others in equal measure. Emotions tell you when you have great boundaries and when you don’t. Here, you learn how to use your emotions to create great, healthy and effective boundaries.

Step 8

Effective communication

When you’re top of your emotions, when you know how to think clearly in emotional situations, communication is actually easy! The final module is about giving you a practical tool kit of communication that works while helping you stay away from communication that doesn’t work.

You see, there’s no magic, no secret recipe, no magic ingredient. Just a practical approach. Yet, it’s very powerful.


Thanks to the techniques you showed me, I was able to improve on my inner dialogue and the way I relate with myself. Now I have a concrete and practical approach that I can use to feel safe and which can help me connect with others too. Having these tools reassures me a lot.

Consultant & Coach, France

The program is really about having this tool box and implementing the tools in various situations. These tools also help me help others.

Architect, London

The awareness that I was able to develop is a very useful tool that I expect I will be using over and over again in my life. Today, I’m in a much better place today and very excited about things to come.

Agribusiness expert, Australia

I learned the importance of communicating my needs and, more importantly, how to express them before it’s too late and I feel resentment. The program has helped me reconnect with myself and integrate a focus on my own well being in my day to day life.

Investment banking, Singapore

“Learn to use your emotions”
coaching program

You are at the right place if…

You’re good at communicating in general. But you have been avoiding “difficult” or emotional talks.
When you get emotional, you struggle to identify your own emotions which makes it hard to communicate them to others. You struggle to express yourself as soon as emotions take over. You can become angry, cry or simply shut down. You then feel disappointed with yourself for failing to communicate clearly.

Your career is going well but you have realised that avoiding difficult conversations might be holding you back.
You have strong boundaries which can make it difficult for you to trust or connect with others. Or, on the contrary, you are not very good at protecting yourself and often end up getting hurt. Besides, you can find it difficult to give or accept negative feedback.

You feel that you attract the wrong kind of partner.
You attract people that are often emotionally unavailable, or not willing to commit to the kind of relationships you are looking for. They might be okay to commit, but they fall short when it comes to action.

Something happened and you are reassessing your life.
You have gone through something (disease, loss, depression, divorce etc) which lead you to question your choices in life. You now want to build strong, powerful relationships in your life that are based on trust and honesty.

You are struggling with stress and anxiety. You may even have a so-called lifestyle disease.

You feel you tend to “abandon yourself”
You focus on pleasing others first, even if it means sacrificing yourself. You can’t stand seeing other people angry or sad. As a result, you feel like you give more than you receive and that people don’t know the real you.

You’re carrying a heavy load
Your work and personal lives are important to you. You commit and give your best in both. This is exhausting. At times, it feels unfair and you’ve found yourself resenting people. You hate yourself for feeling that way but you can’t help it. That resentment is taking its toll on some of your relationships.

It’s hard to be you
There’s only one of you to get everything done and you wish you had someone like you to help out! You alternate between moments where you feel on top of the world. You are full of energy and love, nothing can stop you. Then, you have these dark moments when you’re not sure you’ll make it through the day. You alternate regularly between these two “modes.”

The problem is…

You have tried to work on this yourself but you’re stuck.
You might have tried therapy, healing or even working on this yourself. You’ve done some progress but emotions are still at taking over. You’re not sure what’s the next step to take.

Every time you promise yourself you won’t avoid that emotional conversation, emotions take over and you fail.
Or a voice tells you to drop it even before you start. Either way, you leave feeling frustrated and disappointed in yourself.

You don’t think there is a solution to your problem.
You have not been able to find help because most communication courses focus on other skills, such as negotiation or leadership which is not what you’re looking for. You’re not even sure that there is a solution, out there, to this problem.


When we started the programme, I knew I had to change that. If not, I knew I was going to continue to struggle not only in my personal relationships but also with my children – if I ever have any. I wanted to be able to feel respected and listened to, and be a role model for them. I wanted to be able to show them that it is possible to have difficult conversations, that anger is an emotion like any other and that we don’t have to be afraid of it, and we don’t have to constantly try to please everyone in order to find our place in the world.

Consultant & Coach, France

I was in a pretty bad state before the program. I was wrapping the final months of a job that hadn’t worked out as I had hoped. I had a sense of failure and was very stressed. Life in London during the lockdown was hard, I felt trapped. It was a hard time for me. 

Working with you has helped me see how boundaries can help me manage my tendency to put other people’s needs before mine. I learned how boundaries could help to manage that tendency.

Agribusiness expert, Australia

I started the program when I started a new, very demanding job in banking. I was really worried about how I would manage to fit the program in my schedule. But in retrospect, it was the best timing because that’s the whole point – in life there is never time to focus on yourself.

Investment banking, Singapore

Before the coaching, I was trying to bury my emotions. I felt my emotions were an obstacle to my well being and to the well being of my relationships. I felt at a crossroads in my career and personal life. I struggled to make decisions and have the difficult conversations that would help me make these decisions. I avoided difficult conversations because these would bring emotions out and make me freeze. I felt very stuck in general and I wanted to get out of this trap.

Architect, London

What you need right now

You need to take control of your emotions. Not by repressing or ignoring them. You need to take control by understanding how they work. You need to understand their purpose, the reason they even exist in the first place. You need to transform how you handle emotions so that your emotions don’t work against you but with you.

You need to turn your emotions from a liability holding you back to allies that have your back.

You need a step by step guide with practical steps – not vague fluff – that make sense and that you can apply. You need a down-to-earth approach that you can understand, an approach where you’re the one in control.

This is where I come in!

I know exactly where you are because I’ve been there myself. I have developed a practical methodology and pathway that helped dozens of ambitious women like you make this transformation.

“Learn to use your emotions”

A 6 months one-on-one
online coaching program

The purpose of the program is to:

• Teach you how to deal with your emotions so that they
don’t take over
• Teach you how to use your emotions to navigate
relationships both at work and in your personal life
• Help you build great boundaries that keep your safe while
allowing you to connect with others
• Help you communicate clearly and in a way that is aligned
with your values in all situations, including the very
emotional ones
• Help you become a better partner and leader by learning
how to navigate other people’s emotions

My aim is to teach you how you can do it yourself

I am not a healer. I am not a therapist. I don’t have any magic powers. But I do understand very well how emotions work. They have no secrets for me. My approach is scientific and practical. By the end of the program, my aim is that:

1. You know how to use your emotions in any situation
2. You know how it works. You have all the tools and the
knowledge you need to do this on your own. Emotions
won’t have any secrets for you either.
3. You can communicate effectively even in situations that
feel emotional

What you’ll get in the program

1 assessment session where we look together at your journey so far with emotions. We set your aims and elaborate a strategy with the right course of action for you to take to get there.

Key tools and templates (like cheat sheets to use in emotionally charged moments) so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and you can take action right away.

Access to me via email for support. Whether you need help with some of the modules or want practical advice on a given situation, I am there to support you.

7 e-learning modules – including video training, templates & workbooks to guide you step-by-step on this journey.

7 X 60 minutes individual mentoring session every 3 weeks to work on your emotional mindset and uncover emotional blocks. Each session is tailored to your needs, will help answer your questions and ensure you have all the tools you need to implement the changes in your life.

A tailor-made “emotion strategy” recommendation (designed by me just for you) during a 60 minutes final consulting session at the end of the program. That way, you have all the tools in hand to keep you going forward and ensure you know how to use your emotions in every situation.

6 months from today you could:

  • Think clearly in emotionally charged situations
  • Be able to know what is going on in your mind when you feel emotional and what to do about it. You will no longer see emotions as a burden or a block but rather as allies that you can count on and use for your personal development and growth.
  • Be able to identify clearly when your boundaries and others’ boundaries are not being respected. You will have the tools to set up good boundaries that will enable you to connect with others in a healthy way all the whilst protecting yourself.
  • Open up the door to a quality of relationship you may not even know existed. You will be able to remain true to yourself and express this true self while knowing how to stay protected and connecting powerfully with others.
  • Stop avoiding emotional conversations and start engaging them. You will know what you need to say and how you need to express yourself to communicate effectively
  • Come out of a difficult conversation feeling good about yourself, secure in the knowledge that you were able to communicate clearly.
  • Significantly reduce your stress and anxiety (if not make it disappear altogether)
  • Take your life and work to the next level thanks to the stronger relationships you are building with others based on honesty and trust.
  • You will know how to stand up for what you care about without hurting others. You will also know tools to get things done (and ethically influence people). This will be an invaluable tool for your growth, both in the professional and personal realms.

Does it seem like a distant dream?

It doesn’t have to be. You can make it happen.

This is not a transformation that can be done in a day. There are no shortcuts, no magic wand. It will require commitment and determination from your end.

But it can be done. And not just in this lifetime, you can do it this year. With my program and the right commitment you will be able to transform your emotions into your strongest allies.

Your investment:

Pay in one go

USD 3,000

Instead of USD 3,600
(USD 600 discount)

Monthly instalments

USD 3,600

Down payment of USD 700
+ 5 x USD 580 per month

5 reasons to invest money to learn how to use your emotions

“Don’t compromise yourself – you’re all you have”
You are your single most important asset. This is a skill that will enable you to grow not only faster and more sustainably, but also whilst being true to yourself. No one will ever be able to have these difficult conversations for you.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”Doing something with someone else increases accountability and significantly reduces the chances of you giving up, which is very easy to do on your own.
Your accountability partner (me!) will keep you engaged and motivated, even when the going gets tough.

“Investing money makes you have “skin in the game.”
The more you invest, the more likely you will take your investment to fruition.

“A personalised program always makes the difference.”
Each person is different and therefore has unique needs. A program that is tailored to your needs will make it that much more likely that you will follow it until the end and, more importantly, much more likely to have a real impact in your life.

“Goals are dreams with deadlines.”
A structured program makes something which seems very difficult tangible, with a beginning, a middle and an end.

Book a discovery session

Do you feel like this program is for you? Do you want to know more about it? 

Apply for a discovery session, It’s completely free. It’s for both of us to see whether we’re a good match!

What you can expect from me:

A safe space
You can trust me. Everything that you tell me is confidential. I offer a space with no judgements, only kindness, empathy and compassion. I’ve been there myself so I know it can be difficult. I’m there for you on this journey.

Commitment, fairness & consistency
I want this transformation just as much as you do. I am here to make sure you don’t get stuck, to help you move forward even when the going gets tough. With both our commitment, we can make it happen.

Clarity & empowerment
I want you to understand all the processes. There is nothing magic, there is nothing mysterious in my program. I make sure you understand what is going on and you have the tools to put all the processes in place yourself.

This program is for you if:
• You are open to new ideas and concepts and like to make
up your own mind
• You are willing to step out of your comfort zone if you
believe it can work
• You are used to working hard and ready to put in the effort
• You are driven and on a journey of self-improvement
• You want to take your work and personal life to the next
level in an ethical way

This program is NOT for you if:​
• You don’t think you have the energy and time to put the
effort in at the moment (wait until you’re really ready to
• You expect me to do the work for you 🙂
• You are not ready to face emotions which can be difficult or
• You struggle to make appointments and often have to
cancel at the last minute. I can’t help you if you’re not here!
• You don’t like to write. You don’t need to write well but this
program includes exercises that require you to write.
• You’re struggling with other big issues like paying your bills.
I need your focus and energy. If all your energy is currently
used in getting through your day it’s better to wait for a
more suitable moment
• You’re uncomfortable in English. I worked with lots of
people from many different nationalities (in fact, most of
my clients aren’t native English speakers) but all my
content is in English and requires fluency in English.
• You’re only looking at communicating better. This program
involves communication that is aligned with your values,
not being great at a sales pitch.

Frequently asked questions

Can't I learn to control my emotions without having to go through the "inner" journey?

No, you can’t. If you did that, you would just be repressing your emotions, something which will take a toll on your mind and body and will create a lot of issues later on. You cannot control something you don’t understand, which is why the first (and most important) step is to understand your own emotions.

I feel like I know myself quite well already, I've got some help in the past but I still struggle with my emotions. Can you help?

Sometimes we think we know ourselves (I sure used to think I did!) but we may be missing something, or focusing on the wrong thing. If you feel like you understand your emotions well already, I can help you with the tools and skillset to manage them so that they don’t take over. I can help you become an EXPERT at your emotions and an EXPERT at communicating them. At the end of the day, only YOU can become an expert in YOU. 

I don’t understand how you can turn your emotions into allies.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. It’s a bit of a revolutionary concept! Check out my methodology here.

I am not sure I am ready to face my own emotions. Should I still do it?

That’s okay. You should be proud of yourself for realising this and even prouder for checking in with yourself and asking if it is the right thing to do. I suggest you sign up for a free discovery session and we can work out together if this program makes sense for you at this time.

I don't have any emotional issues but I would like to become a better communicator. Would this program help and do I still need to do the part on emotions?

Yes. Yes. And yes! Think of it like signing up to a new gym. You may already know how to use the machines but the gym manager will still make you go through an introduction and will see for him/herself whether you do know how to use them (who knows – you could discover a new useful way to use them in the process!). It’s the same here, we go through each phase together. Everyone is different and each of us takes more or less time going through each step. This is why this program is tailor-made. We will adapt to your needs and your requirements but we still need to go through all the steps, we will just adapt the pace accordingly.

I have some traumas in my life that are affecting me today. Is this the right program for me?

It depends on what you want. I am not a psychologist or a psychotherapist. As a coach, we will dig into some important moments of your past as a stepping stone to identify what you need to do to go forward. This program is about making changes and acting upon them. If this is what you want then yes, we will work together on making this happen.

I can’t afford your course. Do you give discounts?

No. I have a strict no-discount policy. Some of my clients have saved up before being able to work with me, others have borrowed money. I have found that clients with a bigger financial stake are particularly involved and committed! In the meanwhile, you can sign up to my newsletter. You’ll get weekly insight and tips (for free). You’ll also be kept informed of workshops, webinars and shorter online courses.